About Joel

Joel Bishop is an experienced professional keynote speaker, trainer, performer, actor, and presenter. He loves to see the lightbulbs go on in other’s minds as he teaches, inspires, and entertains them. He has the ability to uniquely connect with his audiences as he shares powerful messages that strengthen company culture, teamwork, and employee performance.

As an authority on the power of appreciation, Joel knows the keys to inspiring, engaging, motivating, leading, and retaining the best employees. He has learned these keys through years of hard study, training, and life experience. Joel has engaged audiences from Amsterdam to Atlanta, Calgary to California, Munich to Mexico, and many places in between.

Joel also loves to entertain and make people smile; something he learned at a young age by making his fellow second-graders laugh through sound effects and mimicking teachers. He also quickly learned the value of knowing his audience after receiving numerous detentions from unhappy teachers.

As a professional actor for 25 years, Joel has done hundreds of videos, commercials, voiceovers, and live events for a wide variety of clients including Subway, Sinclair, Ticketmaster, McDonald’s, and American Express. He has also appeared in various TV and film projects with Chris Pratt, Andie MacDowell, Tye Sheridan, Barbara Hershey, Valerie Bertinelli, and many more.

Top Reasons to Book Joel

Watch this video to see Joel in action:


“Joel delivered a keynote to the managers in our multicultural workforce. He delivered a strong and clear message, while engaging the audience and making it fun.”

-Janene Pretorius, Prezzo PLC

“Joel presented a lot of useful information in a way that was simple to understand and aligned it to our key messages. My company was happy with the result.”

–Shelly Lang, The Cumis Group

“Wow! Thank you, Joel, for a fantastic presentation at our Top Companies Breakfast.  It was amazing, inspirational, and actionable and the perfect topic for the morning.” 

-Cami Kaiser, Republic Media

Who We

RISE TO YOUR CHALLENGE is both a training company and philosophy centered on helping organizations, leaders, employees, and students meet, understand, and rise past everyday challenges and extraordinary ones. We offer speaking, training, and consulting services that empower individuals and teams to achieve greater results, communicate and collaborate better, and become more resilient.



We inspire, teach, and empower individuals and organizations.

Our purpose is to inspire people to rise above their past and present challenges by teaching them skills to become more resilient in spite of those challenges, which then empowers them to build beyond and become better, happier, and more successful in their personal, family, and professional lives


We strive to be the go-to authority at inspiring, teaching, and empowering others to rise to the challenges that hold them back. Our goal is to make life better, one person at a time.

“Saving the world starts by lifting where we stand.” – Joel Bishop

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