At RISE TO YOUR CHALLENGE, each of our offerings are available as customizable speaking or training options for impactful live or meaningful virtual sessions. Likewise, they can be tailored to fit your executive, manager, supervisor, employee, student, or youth audience. Regardless of your venue or group size – the same attention, energy, and detail will be given to make your event memorable and transformative. So, whether you need a 30 to 60-minute keynote address, a 1 1/2- or 3-hour training, an ongoing consultative solution, or something in between, contact us now to collaborate and discuss your needs and upcoming events.


Everyone faces challenges – lots of them. Successful people recognize challenges are normal and know how to learn from them. They are resilient. Unsuccessful people let their challenges continually knock them down and keep them down in frustration and inaction. They are not resilient. Which type of person are you? Which type do you want to be?

Rising to one’s challenge means acknowledging past and present difficulties, large or small, and recognizing that you can move beyond whatever is holding you back. No matter where you are or what has happened you can tap into your own powerful inner strength. There are also people who will help you achieve more than you might have imagined, but you will have to allow them to help. To rise up, to overcome, and to move past your challenges requires you to make proactive choices and take positive action centered around the correct principles taught in this training curriculum.

Rise To Your Challenge Training

How can we help employees and ourselves to be more resilient no matter the circumstances? How can we face whatever challenge comes our way at work, at school, or virtually anywhere else? This training is designed to teach, explore, and enable us to be more resilient as we rise to whatever challenge we’re facing.
RISE—An upward movement; increase in extent, size, or number; to step above, overcome, battle beyond.
TO YOUR—You and you alone. What are you responsible for? What are you in control of?
CHALLENGE—Daily work, motivation, big projects, ongoing problems, past failures…


In this unique presentation, participants will learn:

  • How to rise above challenges
  • The power of Resilience DNA
  • The role of adversity and failures
  • The power of choice
  • How to take action
  • The purpose of effective anchors and goals
  • About an abundance rather than limited mindset
  • The importance of gratitude and reciprocal service

Leadership Training

Great leaders teach and inspire their employees to rise to their challenges. A leader’s influence is achieved through trust and character. Trust is established through consistent, exemplary behavior and effective communication that reveals the character of the leader. Our goal is to help leaders develop the characteristics and attributes necessary to achieve success.

Highly effective leadership is the key to the success of any organization. The key job of a leader is to unlock the potential of their people and inspire them to a life of productivity, contribution, and professional achievement.


In this presentation, participants will identify the path to highly effective leadership:

  • The leadership journey begins within
  • Leaders influence the employee experience
  • Engaged employees naturally form cultures
  • Ultimately, cultures determine our success
  • The power of failing greatly
  • Engagement is determined by the employee experience

Life Lessons Learned As An Actor

With 25 years’ experience as a professional actor and voiceover artist, Joel has learned a few things on the job. In this enjoyable presentation, he’ll share what his time as an actor has taught him through a collection of personal stories, multimedia, and live performance and connect it all back to core individual and organizational messages. This presentation is sure to educate and inspire the aspiring student, leader, or actor among you while providing some fun along the way.


Among many key points, participants will learn:

  • The power of “yes, and…”
  • Rejection is normal and so is acceptance
  • It’s not about you
  • Why it’s important to know who you are
  • How to define success
  • The value of being kind, considerate, and professional


Appreciation done right has a power that is undeniable – a power that makes us more capable to rise above our challenges. Successful leaders and organizations have learned what world-class research has proven – that by applying these real, time-tested, and common-sense principles employees, teams, and organizational cultures thrive. Learn essential ways and best practices to improve employee engagement, reduce turnover, build and strengthen company culture, and experience greater levels of success.


Participants will discover the following:

  • The essential ways to value and appreciate great work
  • The power of “cheerleaders”
  • The difference between appreciation and recognition
  • The key role managers play in employee recognition
  • How challenges are easier to overcome when we’re appreciated
  • Best practices for delivering meaningful, purposeful moments of recognition
  • The actual definition of employee engagement and its proper role in an organization’s success cycle

difference-making Work Training

Great work is the kind of work that makes a difference people love when they receive it. Certainly, there’s a distinction between good work, which is always acceptable, and great work, which goes above and beyond. The key is understanding the actions that lead to achieving innovative, groundbreaking, award-winning work.


In this presentation, participants will learn the thoughts and actions that produce great work:

  • Ask better questions
  • See for yourself
  • Talk to your outer circle
  • Improve the mix
  • Deliver the difference
  • The power of Resilience DNA