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Focus on the Good

We have all probably had experience with the things we focus on being enhanced. When I focus on what’s going wrong, it doesn’t take long for me to feel overwhelmed but, the same things happens when I focus on the good! 🌼 So choose what you want to be overwhelmed with (goodness or negativity) and make that […]

Thoughts Control Destiny

Thought are powerful! They can build a life filled with positivity and creative ideas, or they can fill your life with negativity and discouragement. However you choose to build your life, remember, you can choose it by controlling your thoughts.#thoughts #motivationalspeakerbusiness #action #motivation #risetoyourchallenge


Thanksgiving may be over, but gratitude should be celebrated all year long! #risetoyourchallenge#gratitude#givethanks#Motivation#motivationalspeakerbusiness#attitudeofgratitude

Count Your Blessings

I know how easy it can be to focus on problems and difficulties, but that focus doesn’t help anything. Instead, focus on counting blessings and finding things to be grateful for; I know that you’ll feel much lighter if you do!#givethanks#action#motivation#motivationalspeaking#motivationalquotes#countblessings#risetoyourchallenge

Send out Kindness

I think we could all use some more positivity and kindness in our lives, so be the one to start the chain of goodness and it will come back around to you! 🌼#risetoyourchallenge #motivation #kindness #action #motivationalspeaking #motivationalquotes

True Friendships

I feel like this pandemic has helped me to see more clearly who my true friends are and I’ve found myself needing them more! Remember that the quality of friends is much more important than quantity. Especially at this time when quantities are limited, invest in quality friendships. #action #motivation #risetoyourchallenge #friendships

Achievement Mindset

How often does the fear of failure keep you from doing things? I have let my fear get the better of me many times and I’m sure that I’ve missed out on amazing opportunities because of it. If we approached things with the confidence of guaranteed success, how much more could we accomplish in life? […]

Happiness is a way of life

I occasionally catch myself thinking, “I’ll be happier when…” or “once I have…I’ll be happy” but I realize that that isn’t the best mindset because it neglects the “now.” My new resolve is to find more happiness in the in between! #action #motivation #motivationalspeaker #happiness #risetoyourchallenge